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Flexible Payload

Flexible Payload

By means of tailoring on-board payload solutions, GSATCOM enables telecommunications satellite operators to react to emerging market needs and new business opportunities in orbit.

GSATCOM payload capabilities based on advanced digital control solutions provide unique flexibility advantages for the global customers. With custom design of the Digital Payload Unit; transponder frequency re-configuration, adaptive coverage and power allocation capabilities of the payload resources fully serve to meet most of the evolving needs of the end users.

GSATCOM on-board software defined resource management technologies provide effective digital solutions for adaptive missions that requires highly optimized power and bandwidth efficiency.

FSS and HTS Architecture

BSS/FSS or HTS Architecture

The communication applications serve to the customers with a wide range of content and stringent deployment locations with full availability. HTS Systems represent an innovative approach on ordinary satellite communications systems by delivering considerable higher throughput as compared to conventional fixed/broadcast and mobile satellite services.

GSATCOM HTS payload provides high-throughput channels using frequency re-use and spot beam technologies in order to support broadband access for enterprise, backhauling and mobility markets.

GSATCOM HTS design is focused on improved performance, optimized coverage footprints and reliable connectivity in all the geographic area covered with open architecture for full operator control.

Electrical Propulsion

Electrical Propulsion

Flight Proven Hall-Effect Thrusters (HET) commanded by Power Processing Units (PPUs) implement a High Efficient Propulsion System which performs Orbit Raising, Station Acquisition and Station Keeping maneuvers of the GSATCOM telecommunications satellite systems.

Attractive launch mass savings and lifetime greater than 15 years is typically achieved with regard to full chemical or hybrid propulsion platforms.

Orbit transfer time is precisely shortened by combining the optimized geostationary orbit injection scenarios and the capability of the PPUs that efficiently allocates the full on-board power to the Hall-Effect Thrusters.

State-of-the-art Solar cells with 30+% efficiency provide high solar array power to launch mass ratio to support electrical propulsion and payload operation in compact satellite form factor.

odular and Scalable Design

Modular and Scalable Design

Emerging broadband telecom satellites require high capacity platforms which are able to support wide range of payload types. GSATCOM modular and scalable concepts provide a more straightforward payload - platform integration.

GSATCOM satellite architecture is based on a centralized avionics and modular power system that allows the satellite customization for different missions with a limited non-recurrent effort.

Modular and scalable design philosophy of GSATCOM satellite system certainly saves manpower and offers great advantages for the customers on non-recurring and recurring cost figures.

Multi Launch Capability

Multi Launch Capability

Multi-Launch capability is a key advantage for GSATCOM small size geostationary satellites. This unique feature allows adopting multiple stowed configurations which maximizes the utilization of the launch vehicle accommodation resources and also enables flexibility on profitable orbit injection strategies.

Different interface options can represent innovative ride-share opportunities to benefit from unique low cost launch opportunities and provides additional versatility to the customers by enriched launcher possibilities.

Cost Efficient and Fast Delivery

Cost Efficient and Fast Delivery

Shortened integration time and in-house availability of key subsystems and components enables the vertical integration strategy which definitely reduces the overall system cost, ensures secure delivery time and allows customers to offer rapid and competitive responses to prompt market opportunities.

GSATCOM Small Size Satellite Family represents well fitted and competitive turn-key system solutions for multipurpose needs including bringing frequency assignments into use (BIU) within the time limits in accordance with the international regulations.

Optimized production and multi-launch cost advantages of GSATCOM solutions is the game changer for the cost efficient high technology telecommunication satellites.