GSATCOM Satellite

With the state-of-art space system AIT* facilities and strong capitalization of its shareholders, GSATCOM initiates design -based on its shareholders' space heritage-, manufacture and market the cutting edge telecommunications satellites. * AIT: Assembly, Integration and Test

GSATCOM Engineers

The new GSATCOM Satellite Family will offer a range of telecommunications solutions which will be implemented on a full electric small size geostationary platform.

GSATCOM Space Technologies combines leading edge infrastructure and expertise to strengthen its operational capabilities worldwide.

With highly adaptive project models, GSATCOM presents advanced technology with affordable solutions for the global telecommunications satellite market.

GSATCOM Satellite
Vicente Campenni, PhD INVAP CEO

We are very proud to establish this strategic partnership with Turkish Aerospace. Together we expect to accelerate the time-to-market process of a small geo telecommunications satellite with a range of payload solutions to be offered globally

— Vicente Campenni, PhD INVAP CEO
Prof. Temel Kotil, Turkish Aerospace CEO

Creating New Values by Taking Cutting Edge Challenges... Each day we work with the same belief and determination to accomplish new achievements that will serve for human being. Together with our strategic partner INVAP, GSATCOM will provide unique solutions on small geo telecommunications market.

— Prof. Temel Kotil, Turkish Aerospace CEO